Bee Hive Scale

How Can a Integrating a Bee Hive Scale to Your Honey-Collection Control System Help?

Are you planning to start a bee farm and be the best beekeeper? If yes, then you must not forget buying a bee hive scale. This product is one of the devices you will need to best manage your bee hives and be updated about the hive production. Right now, there are already a lot of companies where you can find quality devices such as this. One of these companies is the Ames. Even the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association that is one of their clients has over 50 of their TCM-13 beehive scale.

Ames’s TCM-13 Beehive Scale When Integrated with Your Honey-Collection Control System

A bee hive scale is a measuring device typically integrated in a bee farm’s honey-collection control system. Ames’ device is designed to provide graphical data which you can access at

Having this device allows you to benefit from its long operation capability. It continuously operates for a minimum of 3 years running with one battery. As a piece of bee farm equipment, the product is beneficial in timing the comb-honey production.

What the Device is Capable of Doing

Once integrated with the honey-collection control system, the device will automatically provide you with data like weight, relative humidity and temperature. Their client, the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association, has more than 50 of these devices integrated in their honey-collection control system for years now. Even independent beekeepers may also do the same for them to get immediate access to information like weight and temperature of the bee hives when needed.

Ames’ bee hive scale is build with a stainless casing. The casing features a mounted weighting cell which you can choose to load with a hive for convenience. You can assure that integrating this device on your honey-collection control system provides you with precise measurement detail.

Apart from its stainless casing mounted with weighing cell, the TMC-13 bee hive scale is also integrated with a communication module. This feature consists of a relative humidity sensor, temperature and GSM modem. The latter feature is the one responsible in transferring data.

The device is capable of holding up to 100 kilograms. This can also measure the relative humidity from 10 to 100% range. Its battery can run the device for a minimum of 3 years. To complete the package, the device is offered with a 12-month warranty. The warranty covers free repair and replacement when necessary. And, this is possible at the given time period.

Benefits of Owning a Bee Hive Scale

One of the benefits of this device is that you can simply place it under your bee hives. Once set, it will start on recording data related on internal temperature and weight. The data will be transmitted to you or to the bookkeeper. It is not only an efficient data recording product but is a safe device. Impact on bees is minimized for the company designed it to be used on lower power-density wave when communicating data. Therefore, efficient monitoring is achieved without disturbing or stressing out the bees.

That’s how this product can help you once it is integrated to your honey-collection control system. It makes the monitoring process more convenient and more efficient for you.