Choosing the Best Handheld Anemometer for You

From avid hunters, campers, and backpackers to the daring wind and kite surfers, a handheld anemometer can be a powerful and important tool. The tiny handheld device can produce invaluable information within a matter of minutes and at the palm of your hand. Their ability to provide relatively accurate wind readings and information on the spot allows you to maintain safety in whatever activity you are embarking on when conditions are dangerous, as well as determine when it’s the perfect conditions and time to do so!

But the next question is: which handheld anemometer should you buy? What works best for the activities you are participating in and for your budget? The handheld anemometer market is vast and deep and sifting through all the different features and brands can be difficult. Some are waterproof or ability to utilize various units or have backlights or resistant to the extremely hot or extremely cold. Also, you must take into consideration the ability to read air pressure, whether or not you need it to act as a weather forecasting tool, compass issues, humidity, and air temperature. Think of what you need for anemometer and we can guide you to the right one.

There are handheld anemometers for every budget. The most expensive and top of the line handheld anemometers are usually around $400, but are well worth the cost to anyone who needs the detailed and fast results that theses handheld anemometers can provide. It is ideal for military personnel or any other serious responders who need an accurate monitor. Amongst its vast amounts of features, it includes barometric pressure and trend, altitude, wind direction, and headwind, tailwind, crosswind speed.

Around half of the price of this one are great handheld anemometers in the $140 to $200 range. These anemometers tend to be comprehensive handheld tools. They tend to be great waterproof handhelds that can provide measurements on wind velocity, temperature, humidity, compass direction, and more. These handhelds are great for either professional or enthusiast uses ranging from engineer to kite surfer usage.

Simpler handheld anemometers can be found in a general price range of $30 to $100. Although they do not have all of the extra functions of the prior mentioned handhelds, they are still high quality tools. These handhelds tend to be extremely durable and completely waterproof. These compact devices provide a comprehensive reading complete with wind velocity, wind temperature, and relative condition temperatures amongst other basic features. Simple handheld anemometers of this nature tend to be commonly used for construction, boating, sailing, and other less high stress and demanding situations.

Those are only a few of the great handheld anemometers available to you. Keep in mind what you need your anemometer for and find the best fit for you and your budget. Each handheld anemometer is different and pose different functions, so make sure to check out those functions instead of placing them in the general price buckets and assuming those amenities are included. With that said, happy windy days!