RVM 96B-1 – the most efficient and portable handheld anemometer

AMES develops meteorological instruments, sensors; microcontroller based measuring stations and environment monitoring networks. Over the years, we have been providing tailor made solutions to all our customer requirements. Check out our Handheld Anemometer RVM 96B-1. If you are interested in measuring the wind speed with ease and flexibility then this anemometer is the best suited solution. It is lightweight, portable and easy to operate. This instrument is a wonderful replacement for all those unsuitable anemometers which fails due to their weight, design or dimension.

This anemometer is an electronic mechanical device which uses optoelectronic system for measuring the wind speed. It has a 3 cup system which is attached to a paddle wheel in the metallic canister. When the cups rotate, the paddle wheel also rotates and in turn it cuts a beam of light. This generates an electric pulse which is timed and hence used to measure the wind speed. The RVM 96B-1 can measure the wind speed in m/s, km/h, knots, or mph, where the unit can be selected by the user.

Let’s take a look at the important features of this wonderful instrument.

  • It measures both wind speed and wind direction with high accuracy.

  • Constructed with quality ionized aluminium and ball bearings.

  • Type calibrated in the wind tunnel.

  • Long battery life with auto switch off feature.

  • Built in electronic compass.

  • LC display and RS 232 for data transmission.

This handheld anemometer is ideally suited for firemen, construction workers, military personnel, coast guards, athletes as well as for hobby applications.

Four AA type battery powers the electronic subsystem of the device. This device comes with an amazing auto off feature. If the cup assembly is not rotating for more than four minutes then the device gets automatically switched off. Moreover this device can be used to measure long term wind speed as it can store data in its internal storage space. The RS 232 serial port enables easy wind speed data transfer to another device. The mechanical system has an attached vane with a circular scale enabling the measurement of wind direction and the electronic compass helps in the proper orientation of the device.

Handheld Anemometer RVM 96B-1 is truly a flexible, lightweight and efficient anemometer. Specific technical data and the user manual for this instrument are available at our website for your reference. Over the years we have won the trust of many organizations and individuals; thus we hope to win your trust soon…

Beehive Scale- A Useful System that does not Risk the Health of all of the Bees

Beehive scale is known to be a two-part system that permits the process of weighing beehives at a lower cost. This is proven to be helpful because it does not break your back and risk the health of your bees.

The inventor who introduced this system is none other than Andrew Janiak. He was from the suburb area of Balwyn North, Melbourne. As a certified electronics engineer, he worked on in the area of process and automation control. He has spent his years in a farm, in Seymour. This was the place where he spent his time with the bees. He even tried his best in getting there for a week.

Another good thing about this tool is that it aids in the complete monitoring of the status of the hives. Even you can monitor the beehives in a completely disruptive and invisible manner. Apart from it, beekeepers are given with more ideas about the beehive production.

One more benefit about beehive scale is that the status of the hives is monitored completely. There is no longer a need to open it up. Opening it is believed to be a daunting and stressful task for beekeepers. They are more immune to certain parasites and diseases.

And since the bees are not after protecting the back of their hives, there is no longer a need for you to wear shielding clothing.

The beehive scale can be utilized in many different ways:

  • This is in the event that you decide to weigh it periodically. Certain changes may be detected, either in the case that bees consume or increase their honey.

  • In the event that you need to weigh the hive before the season of harvesting comes in. You can also take note if the hive has already regains its weight. They can be ready for the harvest season.

  • If you have numerous hives at your farm. This beehive scale is helpful in identifying the hives that gain or lose weight. You will be helped in identifying the weaker hives that demand your complete attention.

  • The beehive scale is useful in detecting a certain drop in the weight. This is during the time that the availability of nectar is steady. This only means that the hives were swarmed.

  • This is during the time that you check the weight of the hive during and before the winter. You are able to monitor the hives with insufficient stores and demand additional feeding.

However, it is good to take note that beehive scale is a useful system that is a part of the tools of bookkeepers. This is not designed in measuring weight of any item to be used for commerce or trade.

In looking for a beehive scale, TCM-13 proves to be a measurement station that aids in honey-collection control. This is an electronic scale that has a relative humidity and temperature sensor. This is great for all independent bee-keepers and those who are aiming for regular data on relative humidity, temperature and weight in dislocated beehives.