Bee Hive Scale

Making Your Honey-Collection Control System More Efficient with the TCM-13 Bee Hive Scale

Before hive products are produced, bees are needed. Even the simple structure of a hive is able to bring a lot of products such as beeswax and honey. Others may not be aware of these products. But, they are really getting in demand these days. Due to this, bee farms are in dire need of equipments that make their bee farm management more efficient. That’s what AMES is here for!

What AMES has to Offer

The products and services offered by the company come in a wide range. But, they have that certain product that you can benefit from. This helps you in running your own bee farm.  This product is none other than the bee hive scale.

AMES has its bee hive scale product called as TCM-13 beehive scale. This is the solution you are looking for in making your honey-collection control system more efficient. The product is an economical bee hive weighing system designed to monitor the weight of the beehive. Monitoring the hive’s weight is an important aspect of managing a bee farm and honey production. The data gathered from the process is used in evaluating the bee’s performance and hive’s location.

Through the device, you will be able to:

  • Determine the breeding stock through the resulting data that concerns the weight gain performance
  • Monitor the apiary’s performance and the forage gaps
  • Time the comb honey production

How does the Device Enable These?

Like the modern hive monitoring equipment today, AMES’ bee hive scale is also featuring data transfer function. Every data gathered can be accessed and graphically displayed at Data transfer is made possible with the use of GSM modem that the device has. Aside from this feature, TMC-13 bee hive scale also features relative humidity and temperature sensors.

These features have led the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association to purchase these devices designed by AMES. Currently, the association owns over 50 scales. But, this device is not only ideal for associations like the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association. It is also ideal to be used by interested independent beekeepers who want to have access on the data they need.

Other Uses of the of the Bee Hive Scale

The mentioned uses of the device are not the only ways that the beehive scale can be utilized. At most, you can also use it if:

  • You periodically weigh the hives and wish to determine the changes in the honey stores. It helps determine whether the bees consumed or increased their honey stock.
  • You have several bee hives and you wish to identify which of them quickly gained or lost weight.
  • You make it a habit to weight the hive before and after the harvesting time. The weight data you can obtain in the process helps in determining when the hive may be set for the following harvest.

Apart from the uses of this product, AMES also included a 13-month warranty in order that the product gives its value on your money!


Beehive Scale- A Useful System that does not Risk the Health of all of the Bees

Beehive scale is known to be a two-part system that permits the process of weighing beehives at a lower cost. This is proven to be helpful because it does not break your back and risk the health of your bees.

The inventor who introduced this system is none other than Andrew Janiak. He was from the suburb area of Balwyn North, Melbourne. As a certified electronics engineer, he worked on in the area of process and automation control. He has spent his years in a farm, in Seymour. This was the place where he spent his time with the bees. He even tried his best in getting there for a week.

Another good thing about this tool is that it aids in the complete monitoring of the status of the hives. Even you can monitor the beehives in a completely disruptive and invisible manner. Apart from it, beekeepers are given with more ideas about the beehive production.

One more benefit about beehive scale is that the status of the hives is monitored completely. There is no longer a need to open it up. Opening it is believed to be a daunting and stressful task for beekeepers. They are more immune to certain parasites and diseases.

And since the bees are not after protecting the back of their hives, there is no longer a need for you to wear shielding clothing.

The beehive scale can be utilized in many different ways:

  • This is in the event that you decide to weigh it periodically. Certain changes may be detected, either in the case that bees consume or increase their honey.

  • In the event that you need to weigh the hive before the season of harvesting comes in. You can also take note if the hive has already regains its weight. They can be ready for the harvest season.

  • If you have numerous hives at your farm. This beehive scale is helpful in identifying the hives that gain or lose weight. You will be helped in identifying the weaker hives that demand your complete attention.

  • The beehive scale is useful in detecting a certain drop in the weight. This is during the time that the availability of nectar is steady. This only means that the hives were swarmed.

  • This is during the time that you check the weight of the hive during and before the winter. You are able to monitor the hives with insufficient stores and demand additional feeding.

However, it is good to take note that beehive scale is a useful system that is a part of the tools of bookkeepers. This is not designed in measuring weight of any item to be used for commerce or trade.

In looking for a beehive scale, TCM-13 proves to be a measurement station that aids in honey-collection control. This is an electronic scale that has a relative humidity and temperature sensor. This is great for all independent bee-keepers and those who are aiming for regular data on relative humidity, temperature and weight in dislocated beehives.

Excellent Beehive Scale for Controlling Honey-Collection

Honey-collection is a crucial process as it needs high technology gadget in order to make sure that honey bees are not harmed during the harvest season. Hence, an excellent product will help you obtain more production in the process. The beehive scale product is in fact a measurement station in times of honey-collection.

What are the Features of the Product?

To help you understand how this product can help you, here are some features that beehive scale offers:

  • Data display through graph on

  • 3 years continuous operation with only one battery

  • 20 years of industry experience

  • Over 50 scales within Slovenian Beekeepers Association

The bee hive scale is actually an electronic scale backed with relative humidity and temperature sensors as well as data transfer GSM modem. It is ideally designed to best integrate “honey collection control system” of the “Slovenian BeeKeepers Association”. The equipment is also perfect for independent beekeepers that need regular data regarding the temperature, weight as well as relative humidity within dislocated beehives.

It comes with a stainless body mounted with an excellent weighting cell that can be optionally loaded permanently. Also, it is practically integrated with AMES capacity electronics in order to guarantee intense accuracy even without digression due to differences in temperature as well as other concerned factors. With the communication module, it consists of relative humidity and AMES temperature sensors.

The GSM modem works for the data transfer while the batteries are responsible for assuring that the device will work efficiently and conveniently within three years of life span.

Beekeeping Quality and Technology

If you are a beekeeper, then you might be thinking of a new way to improve your hive monitoring system for least bee health contact. With the great advancement of radio technology, there are now available innovative ways to check your beehives while tracking the bee health efficiently.

Before, beekeepers were mandated to open their beehives manually in order to examine them for swarming or disease. With the advancement of technology, the hive scale is conveniently put under the beehives to record internal temperature and weight.

Then, the information is transferred back to you remotely. Even though it is efficient, a few concerns of radio technology detrimental effects for the health of bees. In order to minimize impact, the scale may communicate with data collector through the use of lower “power density wave”.

With smart and careful radio technology application, it will dramatically improve remote hive monitoring through fewer intrusions. Rather than separate cellular connectivity, the solution is to use a single modem that conveniently gathers data from various beehive scales. As a result, you get less bee impact and lower cost.

How the Product Efficiently Works

The hives from apiary are put on hive monitors while the weight is gathered and accumulated regularly. The device for data collection collects all information from the monitor placed under every beehive. The communication network is located between collectors and monitors to make sure that all data are transmitted securely. Then, the collector transfers data to internet. You may utilize web interface in order to check your beehives.

The Essence of Monitoring Hives

Combing beehive acoustics to monitor with some parameters like humidity, brood temperature, apiary climate condition and hive weight. Now, you can efficiently interpret and monitor bee sounds and assess colony strength, health and behavior. The beehive data is accessible from internet-enable device using any web browsers.

Here are some benefits of the hive scales:

  • Security – receive SMS or email alerts when you beehive has been blown or moved by strong wind.

  • Active season – see the colonies increase during spring even without removing the “crown board”. You can also receive alerts automatically when the colonies become brood less or the new queen bee begins laying. You also the chance to track forager activities, precisely plot nectar flow, and remove or add suppers alerts. Health and swarm management as well as spot rubbing immediately with the use of scale.

  • Winter monitoring – monitor if the bees need feeding or are still active without even visiting the apiary. Also, receive alerts when beehives need ventilation or are too clammy.

  • Apiary conditions – log in and monitor weather conditions remotely at the apiary.

This system is supported by technical support in order to assist users and best utilize the monitors. Perfectly designed for large businesses and small beekeepers, the TCM-13 hive scale provides fantastic insight of the colonies activities. It is aimed at larger beekeeping operations with various apiaries.

The monitors will allow in comparing general health in every apiary and mapping the flow of nectar in targeting all resources effectively. It can also be used by researchers to investigate bee behavior and health. The entire system offers economic viable way to perform studies and investigate each hive in better detail.

Why Use Monitors?

There are simply great benefits why you should choose cost effective monitors such as the following:

  • Access to the status of beehive using internet-enabled device

  • Monitor activity, weight and humidity remotely

  • Download or view historical data

  • Instant alerts for vandalism and theft

  • Compare each apiary for large beekeeping operation

Modern moveable frame of beehives helps maximize honey production. With an efficient beekeeping system, you can interchange honey combs between and within colonies. It also provides a wide variety of management alternatives. The optimum usage may depend on the inputs which are usually for small beekeepers to acquire.

To completely use the alternatives and achieve the potent manufacture of portable frame system, more expertise and experience and timing are necessary. Beekeeping projects can sometimes be initiated with the use of moveable-frame beehives but are not ready for technical assistance or follow-up inputs.

Intermediate tech beekeeping methods provide cheaper technique for bee-havers and bee-killers who are using fixed-comb beehives in making switch to beekeeping. It simply offers easy to use beekeeping monitoring system which is much more technological and economical with efficient and convenient ways.

Bee Hive Scale

How Can a Integrating a Bee Hive Scale to Your Honey-Collection Control System Help?

Are you planning to start a bee farm and be the best beekeeper? If yes, then you must not forget buying a bee hive scale. This product is one of the devices you will need to best manage your bee hives and be updated about the hive production. Right now, there are already a lot of companies where you can find quality devices such as this. One of these companies is the Ames. Even the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association that is one of their clients has over 50 of their TCM-13 beehive scale.

Ames’s TCM-13 Beehive Scale When Integrated with Your Honey-Collection Control System

A bee hive scale is a measuring device typically integrated in a bee farm’s honey-collection control system. Ames’ device is designed to provide graphical data which you can access at

Having this device allows you to benefit from its long operation capability. It continuously operates for a minimum of 3 years running with one battery. As a piece of bee farm equipment, the product is beneficial in timing the comb-honey production.

What the Device is Capable of Doing

Once integrated with the honey-collection control system, the device will automatically provide you with data like weight, relative humidity and temperature. Their client, the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association, has more than 50 of these devices integrated in their honey-collection control system for years now. Even independent beekeepers may also do the same for them to get immediate access to information like weight and temperature of the bee hives when needed.

Ames’ bee hive scale is build with a stainless casing. The casing features a mounted weighting cell which you can choose to load with a hive for convenience. You can assure that integrating this device on your honey-collection control system provides you with precise measurement detail.

Apart from its stainless casing mounted with weighing cell, the TMC-13 bee hive scale is also integrated with a communication module. This feature consists of a relative humidity sensor, temperature and GSM modem. The latter feature is the one responsible in transferring data.

The device is capable of holding up to 100 kilograms. This can also measure the relative humidity from 10 to 100% range. Its battery can run the device for a minimum of 3 years. To complete the package, the device is offered with a 12-month warranty. The warranty covers free repair and replacement when necessary. And, this is possible at the given time period.

Benefits of Owning a Bee Hive Scale

One of the benefits of this device is that you can simply place it under your bee hives. Once set, it will start on recording data related on internal temperature and weight. The data will be transmitted to you or to the bookkeeper. It is not only an efficient data recording product but is a safe device. Impact on bees is minimized for the company designed it to be used on lower power-density wave when communicating data. Therefore, efficient monitoring is achieved without disturbing or stressing out the bees.

That’s how this product can help you once it is integrated to your honey-collection control system. It makes the monitoring process more convenient and more efficient for you.

How the Beehive Scale Works?

With the advancements in technology, beekeepers are also after using beehive scale that lets them completely monitor the beehives. Beekeepers are always required to open the hives for further inspection of swarming or disease.

Thankfully, beehive scale can be positioned below the hives. Beekeepers are able to find it easy recording the internal temperature and weight. The information is then transmitted back to the beekeepers.

A beehive scale is proven to be an efficient tool that addresses the concerns of beehives. By intelligently and carefully applying this beehive scale, beehives are further improved. This scale is the solution that can be utilized in this modern day.

There are many beehive scales that can be found on the market that include excellent features such as weight reporting by means of satellite. There are simply other new useful features that make it more useful. At such a reasonable cost, this scale is even more attractive in the eyes of beekeepers.

Beehive scale manufacturers are able to dedicate their lives in making this gadget. This is truly an in-demand tool to use for beekeepers. They can also know the amount of money in the beehives. There are also other beehive scales that can be used in monitoring the bees.

The only thing that is left on the part of beekeepers is the installation process. Installing it may seem a bit fiddly. The good news is that there are beehive scales that can be installed easily. The process is made to be easy on the part of the beekeepers. Even the monitoring of the bees in widely distributed or pollination sites is made easy.

In learning how the beehive scale works, it is good to understand that it differs in its mass. The beehive combs have their weight that are not skewed but are evenly dispersed on the back or front. The scale and its design depend on the assumption that core weight of the hive is at the geometrical center.

The beehive scale works by helping a beekeeper. He or she is given an indication about the weight of the hives. As per the weight of the hives, this is represented on its display unit. The display can be set in showing the kilograms, in ounces or in pounds.

On the other hand, beekeepers should install the hives’ platforms underneath. The frame may be taken from one hive which allows you to weigh them. As per the platform’s design, this usually depends on the hive’s width.

In installing a beehive scale, doing it at the right manner is a must. If you install the platform, then it should be below the hive.

In your search for beehive scale on the market, TCM-13 is the best electronic scale that has a GSM, relative humidity and temperature sensor. This is intended to be part of the honey-collection control systems. This is geared towards helping beekeepers interested in having a regular data of temperature, relative humidity and weight.

The best thing about this product is that its communication module has a humidity sensor, AMES temperature and GSM modem.

TCM-13 Bee Hive Scale – One of the Must-Have Equipment for Beekeepers

Honey is one of the most known hive products. This substance can be consumed as a folk remedy and food. Other than that there is also the beeswax that is acquired from bee hives. These products are the main reasons why many are interested in starting their bee farms.
Are you also one of these people? If yes, you must know that bees and bee hive boxes are not the only ones needed in starting a farm. Other equipment pieces are needed to help you with the task of managing the bee hives. A good example of this is the bee hive scale.
Beehive scale TCM-13

Ames and Its Bee Hive Scale

A bee hive scale’s main function is to help with honey-collection control. There are now a lot of companies offering this equipment, with Ames as one of them. What the company has is the TCM-13 beehive scale, which is a measurement station for honey collection control.
One of its primary features is that it provides graphical data that can be accessed and displayed at The equipment has a longevity rate of 3 years per battery. As a company, Ames acquired a lot of clients that they partnered with over the years. The Slovenian Beekeepers Association is just one of the companies they have served for years now. At the moment, the association already owns over 50 of their TCM-13 beehive scale.
As a device used for honey-collection control, the bee hive scale serves well in timing honey production. The product is also integrated with relative humidity and temperature sensors together with a GSM modem to enable data transfer. The Slovenian Beekeepers Association integrates the device with their honey-collection control systems. That way, they can regularly acquire data like temperature, relative humidity and weight concerning their bee hives.
Its stainless casing features a mounted weighting cell. Having this device on your bee farm ensures extreme precision. As a device, it has a scale load capacity of up to 100 kilograms. It can also measure relative humidity from a 10 to 100% range.
Like the other products offered by the company, the bee hive scale also comes with a 12-month warranty. Within this warranty period, customers like you may benefit from receiving free repair. Replacement may also be accepted when required.

Why Should You Acquire this Device for Your Own Bee Farm?

Apart from the information above, there are other reasons why you must acquire this equipment for your bee farm. For one, it is the most basic device you need to monitor the status of your hives. It efficiently monitors without the bees being disrupted. More than that, it is designed to provide you with all of the pieces of information you need, like the hive production.
Owning this device allows you to monitor your hives without opening them. Opening bee hives usually results to stressing the bees. It also lowers the resistance of the hives to parasites and diseases. Therefore, you are able to avoid all these things by having this equipment. These are the reasons why acquiring this kind of device is a must for beekeepers.