TCM-13 Bee Hive Scale – One of the Must-Have Equipment for Beekeepers

Honey is one of the most known hive products. This substance can be consumed as a folk remedy and food. Other than that there is also the beeswax that is acquired from bee hives. These products are the main reasons why many are interested in starting their bee farms.
Are you also one of these people? If yes, you must know that bees and bee hive boxes are not the only ones needed in starting a farm. Other equipment pieces are needed to help you with the task of managing the bee hives. A good example of this is the bee hive scale.
Beehive scale TCM-13

Ames and Its Bee Hive Scale

A bee hive scale’s main function is to help with honey-collection control. There are now a lot of companies offering this equipment, with Ames as one of them. What the company has is the TCM-13 beehive scale, which is a measurement station for honey collection control.
One of its primary features is that it provides graphical data that can be accessed and displayed at The equipment has a longevity rate of 3 years per battery. As a company, Ames acquired a lot of clients that they partnered with over the years. The Slovenian Beekeepers Association is just one of the companies they have served for years now. At the moment, the association already owns over 50 of their TCM-13 beehive scale.
As a device used for honey-collection control, the bee hive scale serves well in timing honey production. The product is also integrated with relative humidity and temperature sensors together with a GSM modem to enable data transfer. The Slovenian Beekeepers Association integrates the device with their honey-collection control systems. That way, they can regularly acquire data like temperature, relative humidity and weight concerning their bee hives.
Its stainless casing features a mounted weighting cell. Having this device on your bee farm ensures extreme precision. As a device, it has a scale load capacity of up to 100 kilograms. It can also measure relative humidity from a 10 to 100% range.
Like the other products offered by the company, the bee hive scale also comes with a 12-month warranty. Within this warranty period, customers like you may benefit from receiving free repair. Replacement may also be accepted when required.

Why Should You Acquire this Device for Your Own Bee Farm?

Apart from the information above, there are other reasons why you must acquire this equipment for your bee farm. For one, it is the most basic device you need to monitor the status of your hives. It efficiently monitors without the bees being disrupted. More than that, it is designed to provide you with all of the pieces of information you need, like the hive production.
Owning this device allows you to monitor your hives without opening them. Opening bee hives usually results to stressing the bees. It also lowers the resistance of the hives to parasites and diseases. Therefore, you are able to avoid all these things by having this equipment. These are the reasons why acquiring this kind of device is a must for beekeepers.


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