Bee Hive Scale

Making Your Honey-Collection Control System More Efficient with the TCM-13 Bee Hive Scale

Before hive products are produced, bees are needed. Even the simple structure of a hive is able to bring a lot of products such as beeswax and honey. Others may not be aware of these products. But, they are really getting in demand these days. Due to this, bee farms are in dire need of equipments that make their bee farm management more efficient. That’s what AMES is here for!

What AMES has to Offer

The products and services offered by the company come in a wide range. But, they have that certain product that you can benefit from. This helps you in running your own bee farm.  This product is none other than the bee hive scale.

AMES has its bee hive scale product called as TCM-13 beehive scale. This is the solution you are looking for in making your honey-collection control system more efficient. The product is an economical bee hive weighing system designed to monitor the weight of the beehive. Monitoring the hive’s weight is an important aspect of managing a bee farm and honey production. The data gathered from the process is used in evaluating the bee’s performance and hive’s location.

Through the device, you will be able to:

  • Determine the breeding stock through the resulting data that concerns the weight gain performance
  • Monitor the apiary’s performance and the forage gaps
  • Time the comb honey production

How does the Device Enable These?

Like the modern hive monitoring equipment today, AMES’ bee hive scale is also featuring data transfer function. Every data gathered can be accessed and graphically displayed at Data transfer is made possible with the use of GSM modem that the device has. Aside from this feature, TMC-13 bee hive scale also features relative humidity and temperature sensors.

These features have led the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association to purchase these devices designed by AMES. Currently, the association owns over 50 scales. But, this device is not only ideal for associations like the Slovenian Bookkeepers Association. It is also ideal to be used by interested independent beekeepers who want to have access on the data they need.

Other Uses of the of the Bee Hive Scale

The mentioned uses of the device are not the only ways that the beehive scale can be utilized. At most, you can also use it if:

  • You periodically weigh the hives and wish to determine the changes in the honey stores. It helps determine whether the bees consumed or increased their honey stock.
  • You have several bee hives and you wish to identify which of them quickly gained or lost weight.
  • You make it a habit to weight the hive before and after the harvesting time. The weight data you can obtain in the process helps in determining when the hive may be set for the following harvest.

Apart from the uses of this product, AMES also included a 13-month warranty in order that the product gives its value on your money!