What are Anemometers

An anemometer is a lightweight instrument for measuring wind velocity and direction. The hand held anemometer is the most popular anemometer available as it can be used in a multitude of application without the necessity of purchasing multiple units for permanent attachment at various locations. It will not only measure wind speed and direction but wind gusts too and can record in kilometers per hour, miles per hour or knots and can be set to read in hours or meters per second.


Each hand held anemometer is calibrated individually and has a calibration certificate when purchased. The units are tested for calibration purposes in a wind tunnel. Each battery will allow for approximately 2000 readings and each unit has a low power display to ensure that you are not caught unaware and run out of battery power when on location.


The original anemometer designed back in the 1450’s was a rather large unit and required a lot of space to erect. Today a hand held anemometer is available that literally fits into the palm of your hand and is designed for mobility. The units are tough and durable and can withstand a fair amount of man handling. The casing is made of anodized aluminum which is beneficial when using the unit out at sea as it can withstand the salt water and will not rust. The displays are all water proof which is also a plus when out at sea or in storm conditions. The hand held anemometer will even float if dropped in water.


The hand held anemometer is essential in a world of changing weather phenomena and has a wide range of uses even just for the casual sports enthusiast who needs to know wind speed such as golfers or kite flyers. It is extensively used by fire fighters and the military amongst a range of other professions where information on wind velocity is necessary.