AMES RVM 96B-1 Handheld Anemometer for an avid meterologist

If you are a surfing enthusiast or an avid meteorologist, a handheld anemometer is a constant companion. The new AMES RVM 96B-1 is a portable handheld anemometer that measures both wind speed and wind directions. The device can measure wind speed upto 50 m/s and gives 0° to 360° wind direction. Due to its lightweight and ergonomic design, it can be used in remote areas where normal anemometers cannot be used.

Ames RVM96B-1 anemometerThe RVM 96B-1 utilises a 3-cup Robinson’s cross to measure the wind speed. The Robinson’s cross is attached to an optoelectronic transducer and an electronic circuit. The wind direction is measured with the help of a wind vane and circular scale. The built-in electronic compass, which is an improvement from the previous model, enables the device to be oriented properly to measure the accurate wind direction.

The wind speed is indicated in either km/s, m/s, miles/hr or knots and can be selected by the user. The spinning cups turn a kind of paddle wheel inside the metal canister underneath. Each time the paddle wheel rotates, it breaks a light beam and generates a pulse of current. An electronic circuit times the pulses and uses them to calculate the wind speed. Wind speed is sampled in 1-second intervals. Instrument also calculates 1 minute average and max speed and shows values on display. The display is Transreflective Liquid Crystal display which comes in handy in darkness and severe weather conditions. The accuracy is 0.5m/s for wind speed and 2° for wind direction.

The device is powered by 4 AA batteries with the battery compartment located in the handle. Additional features includes auto switch off if the cups are not rotating for more than 4 minutes, option of wind data transmission through the RS 232 serial port, and standard 1/4” screw to attach the device to any tripod for better measurement. The auto switch off feature helps conserve battery.

A carrying case is provided for transport and storage. The whole setup weighs about 500 grams.

Main features at a glance:

  • Lightweight, portable digital anemometer, measuring both wind speed & direction
  • Quality construction: anodised aluminium, ball bearings
  • Type calibrated in wind tunnel
  • Long battery life, auto power-off
  • Built-in electronic compass
  • Illuminated LC wind speed display
  • Display of instant, 1 min average and 1 min maximum wind speed data
  • RS 232 data transmission as an option
  • Suitable for military, coast guard, firemen, construction workers, sports, etc.